The Originals – Farewell to Storyville

Three originals locked in a graveyard for 24 hours and one wishes to kill another, while the third defends. Yes, it doesn’t bode for a very interesting episode for the uninitiated, but for someone who knows the intricacies of their relationships, this was a joy of an episode. The dynamics between the siblings was accentuated and highlighted b flashbacks in an episode that really highlighted Klaus’ mistrust. Klaus is a man with power, but his power is driven by corruption and fear. Rather than appealing to those around him he tries to instill the same fear in those around him.

Rebekah and Elijah

Rebekah and Elijah

Klaus’ pain and torment as a child was ridiculous. The flashbacks this episode made it clear that Mikael hated Klaus even before he knew he was the bastard. Time and time again Mikael tormented and beat Klaus for being a failure. While he saw Elijah try to help him again and again, he never saw that Rebekah was willing to kill Mikael to release Klaus from his torment. But this torment has stayed with Klaus his entire life, it makes him suspicious and hurt when Rebekah of all people tries to bring Mikael back. Klaus manages to get Rebekah to admit that she may have in fact had a slight hope that Mikael would kill Klaus, not just make him run like she claimed.

Once Klaus has dealt all punishments to his siblings the air has cleared temporarily between them. Klaus does love his family deeply, he just has a very twisted way of showing it. But it’s clear this event has put his siblings in a new place. Klaus acknowledges that they are damaged and that what he has done to them may not have always been just, but it was to protect them. that is after all what Klaus cares about most. Klaus realized that he can’t continue to hold on to Rebekah. He can’t continue to control her. Thus, Klaus allows Rebekah to go off on her own. And that’s what Rebekah is going to do, run off. Not before a very heartfelt and hope inspiring goodbye to Hayley.

Klaus and Elijah

Klaus and Elijah

When Klaus arrives back at his home in the French Quarter, Marcel is finally ready to stand up to Klaus. Only Klaus is not in the mood for it and simply walks off. For a moment it seemed like Klaus was defeated and Marcel would stand. That wasn’t the case when Elijah storms in and demands all the vampires, including Marcel off the property. In a backhanded compliment, Klaus commends Elijah for beginning to sound a bit like him.

Davina is back from the grave, but she’s traumatized. Her alliance with the vampires made her the scum of the afterlife with the witches. The witch ancestors saw her acts while she was with Marcel as a betrayal. Thus the afterlife was not pleasant for her like it was for the other girls. She suffered and there was nothing she could do. Marcel is forced to give Davina up to the witches to open the hex Celeste placed.

What did you think of the episode?

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