The Originals – Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Klaus and Hayley at his onboarding dinner

Klaus and Hayley at his onboarding dinner

This episode was all about Klaus opening up to his family and trying to regain what has been lost to him for so long. Klaus doesn’t waste any time with trying to reestablish his rule. That means while he may in control, he still needs to work with Marcel. Marcel is the skilled diplomat and knows how to keep people in check without always resorting to violence. I will admit it was rather odd that Klaus spilled his guts about all the behind the back dealings that went on before he overthrew Marcel.

Not long after Klaus’s extremely undiplomatic approach to dealing with the leaders of the city, the vampires in a club are attacked. It was a quick attack leaving vampires burning and Marcel shot multiple times. It is a shame that so many of his newly acquired horde of followers were attacked due to Klaus’s arrogance. It will not endear the local vampires to him. The attack didn’t lead to Klaus changing his ways, but Marcel advising Klaus to lead an attack upon the very men who betrayed them. Father Kieran lucked out as he was not involved with the attack and if he had been, I get the feeling it wouldn’t have happened. He seems to understand the vampires far better and sees the weaknesses can not e fully compensated.

One concession Klaus made for his newly adopted merry band of Vampires was to allow them to go on a werewolf hunt. Unfortunately, that makes Hayley’s clan subject to their anger. Hayley’s clan is adept at keeping themselves safe, but the mystery woman from last week, Eve, is worried about the new werewolves in town. Turns out the werewolves that are coming to town are not just any random wolves, but the descendants of Klaus’s paternal lineage. Now Klaus has to beg Father Kieran to help him go behind his new vampires’ orders to protect his werewolf family. That means sending Cammy away on Kieran’s orders, only after he shows her what was in his past. It was nice to see Cammy sympathize with Klaus only to be forced to forget it all.

Eve tells Elijah and Rebekah of the new clan

Eve tells Elijah and Rebekah of the new clan

It was nice seeing Josh and Davina interacting again. They are definitely the best non-romantic pairing on the show. Watching them interact is both sweet and menacing. It’s nice to see Josh in the more submissive and encouraging position, while Davina is the strength, even if she is unsure. It is odd for Davina to lean on a young vampire to help her escape from multiple old vampires. It also didn’t make sense that she went to a human who she should have suspected was being manipulated by vampires. So much for Cammy leaving town and reaching safety.

Watching Rebekah act like a scorned puppy, when Marcel chose Klaus over her is in her character. Yet, it still felt off. I feel as though the show has neutered Rebekah’s character. She has become just a petty girl, rather than a strong female character that she’d been previously portrayed as.

What did you think of the episode?

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