About NaNoWriMo 2013: Week 3 Excerpt

Day 15. Week Two is officially over and I don’t know about you, but it was rough. Don’t get me wrong the story flowed well, and took and unexpected turn, but it was draining. So draining I discussed the slog with all of you. Despite the slog, I am an track and currently clocking in at 77,000.  I am on track to finish this story by Tuesday. It is time for the next excerpt of my NaNo WIP. Don’t forget to check out week 1 and week 2. Happy NaNoing to you all.

Elle screamed as the people in the bank realized what they were up against and fell silent. A dragon. They’d only been that of myth before. Never real.

Elle froze and looked at the mystery man. His green eyes were soft and he wasn’t filled with malice as he walked in front of her. He looked concerned and distraught. He brushed the soft skin of his hands on the sides of her face. “Please, I need your help and I need to talk to you.”

What choice did she really have after he threatened to kill her. She could disobey and get free (if she was lucky), but the lives of everyone else would still be in jeopardy. Elle nodded and he took her hand. The ground around her feet descended as every one else’s were consumed. There was no way the bank would be able to pay for all of the repairs.

The man led her back toward the vault. “Open this please,” he asked Ava. The ground around her feet fell and she inched to the vault. “Quickly please. I’d like to get out of here some time today.” Ava doubled timed it and had the vault open a minute later.

“Thank you.”

Ava returned to her window and the ground returned around her legs.

“Let’s go,” he said and pulled Elle into the vault. “There are some things we need to discuss.”

“What?” Elle asked.

“I’m not some scumbag thief that you might think I am.”


“I just needed a way to get your attention. I needed a way to activate you.”

Elle rolled her eyes. “You know, it really isn’t that hard to just walk up to someone and say hello.” It would probably be best not to acknowledge that he wanted to activate her, whatever that meant.

“No, I needed to activate you. I needed to make you understand what it means to be a dragon.”

So he is acknowledging that is what he is. This can’t be real. It just can’t.

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to focus on that piece of paper over there and I want you to set it on fire.”

“Do you have a match?”

“Do it with your mind.”

Elle’s laughter bounced through the room. If he seriously thought she could do what she believed he was implying, he must be apeshit insane. She didn’thave time for this. The only thing racing through her mand was all the sleep she would be losing as she went into the police statement for statements. It would take hours.

“Elle, you can do it.”

She paused and stared at him. “How do you know my name?” No one had said it in the bank and she always took of her nametag the moment her shift was over.

“I told you. I needed to speak with you. I’ve been looking for you.”

“What is going on here,” Elle’s heart started to race. She looked to the door and wished the ground hadn’t consumed her. Going to the bank was a bad idea, she should have just gone home and slept like she’d hoped. A wave of calm rushed over her again. All the panic she had been feeling just disappeared. “Is that you?”

“Yes. Elle, just relax. I’m not here to hurt you or anyone else. Please just hear me out.”

Despite the calming sensation, her emotions were a wreck. “Just let me go. I’ll testify that you didn’t want to hurt anyone and that you were unarmed. You are unarmed right?”

“You don’t need a weapon when you have our kind of ability.”

There it was again. What was he claiming that she was. It wasn’t true. She was just an ordinary girl.

“What are you talking about?”

“Will you allow me to hold your hand?”

Elle’s eyes widened. He’d taken her hostage and dragged her around the bank by her neck and he still asked for permission to hold her hand. Something was off. She nodded and held it out.

She yanked it back as a surge of electricity shot through her arm. “What the hell was that?”


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