Z Nation – “Murphy’s Law” Review

Country Club zombies. There must be something with zombie shows and using country clubs as a site to explore. yes, it’s somewhat funny seeing all the zombies in their polos and gold attire. However, in case you forgot this was Z Nation and they liked to kick it up a notch they had Murphy on the driving range as everyone was being attacked. That’s the kind of show this is. It’s campy and it remembers to have fun.

Z Nation - "Murphy's Law"While Murphy golfed another crew came in and got them out of their mess. Unfortunately, they weren’t benevolent people, but ones who saw Murphy for being a useful asset. They kidnapped Murphy to have him assist them get into Mesa. The goal was to get into the city where a lot of pharmaceuticals were made. As we saw early in the season drugs like oxycotin can act like money. This crew is dead set on getting in the city, but the problem is that it’s covered by zombies. To make things more difficult the zombies are hopped up on drugs making them super fast. Or as Murphy said “the Usain Bolts of zombies.”

The rest of our team had to follow along behind the kidnappers in order to get to Murphy. As a result, they didn’t actually do much. Just followed along as Murphy went on his own adventure. Their only real highlight was once they entered the pharmaceutical building. They didn’t even take down the kidnappers. instead, they were just a helping hand to take out a flood of zombies. It was efficient, but they just didn’t play a major role in the episode. It was nice to see how they were slowly bonded. As much they have been through, they’ve really managed to find their bond and that was fun to see on screen.

Murphy is becoming a very strange person. We know that zombies respond differently to him. They see him as some sort of leader. They fear him, respect him, follow him. However when Murphy wanted some water, he somehow used some sort of mind control over the old man Henry. He simply handed over the water when Murphy gave him a look. This was after Henry told him off for asking for some water. In case you weren’t sure that this was one of Murphy’s new abilities, we saw him exert this same control over his female kidnapper. Heck, he even took out the aggressive lead kidnapper with his new power. It seems that every week we see some new major development happen with Murphy, but we have no real idea of what it means. This new skill however is potentially the most ddangerous. Now if he doesn’t like how things are going he could use this ability. The question is how it works on others. If it is something that can bbe used on anyone or only with people with a certain mindset.

5 thoughts on “Z Nation – “Murphy’s Law” Review

  1. Umm…my…spacebar…broke…Please..bare…with…me……Murphey….spit….in…lady’s….drink,….scratched…one…guy,…and…bit…other…guy,…giving…them…his…zombie….germs!…Then….he…could…control…them…because…they…had…his…zombie…germs!….He’s…only…able…to…cotrol…people…who..he’s.given…his…germs..to….Perhaps…after…a…while…they’d…turn…full…zombie.

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  3. so are these episodes out of order?
    i last saw sisters of mercy which had a pretty definitive ending for max and addy.
    now this one starts with our gang wondering if theyll ever see em again, like they never meet up again (which they just did in the last ep)
    so what gives

    • Sisters of Mercy is the episode before Murphy’s Law. Sisters of Mercy end d with Addy with the sisters and Mack going back to do who knows what. Murphy’s Law continued with the rest of the group going on with out them. Then Doctor of the Dead gave us glimpses of Mack and Addy in their respective places. Neither of them are dead and neither have a set in stone fate yet.

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