American Horror Story: Hotel – “Devil’s Night” Review

Devil’s Night is interesting with Hotel Cortez. We’ve already got the sense that the hotel is heavily haunted with many dead who seem to interact with those in the hotel as if they were alive. This was confirmed for certain this episode as it’s not just the ghosts who live there that become real threats inside, but also those who come to visit. The slow trickle of ghosts was entertaining. Especially as more and more of them started flooding in.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Devil's Night"This resulted in a big get together with a number of the dead guests and John. They gather together all of them not just ghosts, but also all murders. Gacy, Dahmer, Wournos, Ramirez, all for a nice littler dinner. All of them were inspired by James March. They were an organization. They had guidelines and methods for getting away with it. Heck, they were inducted while alive and followed March’s advice. A dinner filled with serial killers unsurprisingly didn’t stop at fine dining and a little debauchery, but with a murder that John was forced to watch. It seems just like these twisted spirits that they are to make John think that the whole thing was one giant hallucination.

The Halloween episodes of American Horror Story tend to open things up. We learn more about certain characters and their backstory. Tragic things happen and ultimately these episodes feel slightly different tan the rest. This time around we got to know Miss Evers and how she lost her son. She didn’t pay enough attention to her son and he was snatched right in front of her. He was killed before he was found.

Meanwhile, Alex was stealing her now vampiric son back. He is a vampire even if she doesn’t realize it and he quickly needed to go back to the Hotel Cortez to see his other mommy. This trip did prove that her daughter had told her the truth after all. How Alex is going to deal with that is something else. At least she has the Countess to explain things. The Countess offered answers, but any mother in her position would react with outrage. I didn’t expect her to pull a gun, but at this point I don’t really know what to expect from any of the characters. That said, I’m not too shocked that Alex opted to become like her son with no regard to the care of her daughter.

The biggest problem I’m having with this season is that we are being sent on this journey with these characters. They are mysterious and bizarre. Many of the characters are not that fleshed out. The plot is flimsy and it’s difficult to kno where the different sides of the story are to come up with conclusions on our own. It is making this season feel aimless four episodes in.

What did you think of the episode?

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