Doctor Who – “The Zygon Invasion” Review

First off let me note that even the briefest clip of the 11th doctor in footage that I’ve already seen makes me happy. He was merely there as a call back and reminder to the events from the 50th Anniversary episode two years ago. The episode pulled in one of the characters we saw prominently in that episode Osgood as we were dealing with Zygons. The nightmare scenario has been initiated and that means we’re dealing with a breaking of the truce between Zygons and humans. This included the use of UNIT.

Doctor Who - "The Zygon Invasion"It was kind of frustrating that Clara unknowingly gave one of the Zygon children up to the rogue zygon’s that were breaking the protocol. All because she didn’t answer his call earlier and didn’t listen through her entire message. Her entire apartment ended up being a danger zone. If she’d paid attention a bit earlier more could have been done there. However, it did give them the clue that something was going on in the elevators. Zygons go in and the elevators open with nothing inside. it’s completely bizarre and they were able to determine something was going on underground.

This special task force was quite terrible at their job. They all knew that the the zygon’s could take the form of anyone. They took the form of their task force’s loved ones. It was frustrating that they gave in to the ploy they knew would happen. it wasn’t even like the zygons gave any sort of indication that they were the real people. When asked questions they gave no answers. So watching as all the men decided to just walk along to the deaths was annoying.

The question of the hybrid came up again with Osgood. When the Doctor questioned Osgood about which she was human or zygon, she maintained that she is both. She accepted that she was a hybrid as well. Both human and zygon and would not accept anything else.

Doctor Who - "The Zygon Invasion"Things got a bit complicated when we learned that the Clara we’d been with all episode was a zygon. It actually made sense because Clara had not been acting herself. It was a relief to see that the behavior that was happening wasn’t because she was acting oddly incompetent, but that she was someone else with entirely different motives.

I’m kind of loving the Doctor’s penchant for playing the guitar in this season. His short riff of Amazing Grace was filled with wobbles and totally amazing.

What did you think of the episode?

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