The 100 – “Demons” Review

Under ALIE’s control all of Arkadia has been abandoned. it’s almost strange to think that the real threat of the season seemed to be Pike and his rule, but that was changed once ALIE assumed control. She’s dangerous, but in a less assuming way. That said there is a difference. Pike was ruled by fear and a determination to conquer and protect. ALIE functions for completely different reasons that up until now still aren’t entirely clear. it was ALIE who destroyed Earth the first time.

The 100 - "Demons"Their return to Arkadia was riddled with troubles. Not only was it abandoned, but they were attacked. Each one of them were attacked by Emerson roaming Arkadia. It interesting seeing them go down. not that I wanted them to go down, but it felt like a horror movie. It was extremely effective the eerie tone and the way suspense and music was utilized. It could have failed, but ended up working really well. I’ll stop saying that now, but it felt like proper horror and I don’t feel like that is done well often any more. Even as they finally confronted Emerson it was still unsettling to know how dangerous he could be. He nearly took the all out.

Meanwhile John is still off doing his own thing. He clearly loves or is at least largely invested in Emori. However, he now has a very clear and definite thing going on with Ontari. This is sure to only be a mess. Ontari is heda after all. John also started spouting out all sort of secrets that he probably shouldn’t have. he told too much and I expected better of him. This is going to blow up in his face and if it doesn’t I’ll be both surprised and disappointed.

The 100 - "Demons"Raven’s brief time with ALIE has made her a fierce ally. Raven was always smart, but her time with ALIE has made her closer to understanding how the chips. It was rather interesting to see how it played out. As they learned more about how the chip worked.

I’m not going to lie, I am a little disappointed that they decided to kill Sinclair. We don’t have many oler characters and while I never loved him like I loved Kane, it felt like a rough blow. They killed someone easy, but I just wish it hadn’t been him.

What did you think of the episode?

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