The 100 – “Join or Die” Review

It was interesting seeing Pike and Kane on the same time. They had been do opposing that seeing that they both see the pill and what ALIe is found is wrong is a testament to how the two men were both about what was tight. The difference is that 

The flashbacks were interesting. We got to see how the characters were before the 100 were dropped. Pike was a very different person then. He was confident and stubborn, but his sense of morality was wrong. He did what he had to do. It painted Pike as an innocent while Abbi, Kane, and Jaha were immoral problems. Pike was desperate to help the kids, but he struggled to get through to them. Eventually they reached a point where we started to see the Pike we knew. He wanted them to succeed so badly. It also showed a relationship that he had with the 100 and how they learned.

That relationship was strongly juxtaposed with Pike being in danger of Indra. He had to face his death. He had to face the person he wronged and let live. The problem was that Pike was stubborn. He wouldn’t give in. He would take his death by a 300 cuts with honor. The only reason he was spared was because John saw that Pike was a worthy ally and the other resistors agreed. Pike was an ass but he was no good yo them dead.

There was also the elements that focused on the search for Luna. The group was out to find where she was hiding. I wasn’t surprised that Luna wanted nothing to do with them. More interesting is where they are.

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