The Originals – Le Grand Guignol

It appears in the past Klaus and Elijah were attempting to unify various groups of the supernatural together. But in the past we also got to much of Klaus’ side of the story as he realized wht was going on between Rebekah and Marcel. Klaus’ need to control everything is unnerving. he wants everyone in his life playing the role he specifies regardless of what they want. He does it with the mentality that he is saving people, that he is making things better for all those around him. Sure, Rebekah and Marcel were sneaking around behind his back, but he was willing to forgive it and let them be together.

Rebekah and Marcel

Rebekah and Marcel

Mikael’s arrival in New Orleans was a nice reveal. While we had an idea of what happened in New Orleans based on the events we saw in The Vampire Diaries, but it was nice seeing how it all came to pass. Mikael made his rounds. First he proposed a way to save Rebekah and grant Marcel the ability to rule over New Orleans. Then he moved on to persuade Elijah to work with him to exterminate Klaus. The pure hatred Mikael held for Klaus was palpable. Considering Mikael wished to kill not only Klaus, but any one who knew him was proof that Mikael was a new kind of monster. He even staked up Marcel on the orchestra stage and killed the werewolf girl he was seeing along with others. When he tried to stop it, with the help of his siblings, they couldn’t and escaped. Mikael was truly a sick man and comparing Klaus to Mikael shows a misunderstanding of Mikael.

Elijah enlists Cammy’s help to remove the blade Elijah buried in Klaus’ chest. She needs his help, well more exactly Cammy is a walking vervain blood bag that can slowly bring him back to health. Klaus will go through anything to kill his siblings and Marcel. Thankfully he’s weak, but he knows where Marcel and Rebekah are going. Klaus is a broken dog. He feels betrayed by what they did to him. It wasn’t surprising that Klaus had a white oak stake capable of killing his siblings. Cammy seemed to ignite a flame inside Klaus when she accused him of becoming just like Mikael.

Klaus and Celeste

Klaus and Celeste

Elijah’s business is trying to undermine Celeste. It is very personal for him. He believed Celeste to have died and honored her, but he has been betrayed. Celeste never died, but went so far as to hate him for his family. It is cruel and makes sense that he wants revenge. His idea is to enlist the help of Monique, the lone returned girl. Monique has faith in Celeste, but Elijah offers not betrayal, but an assurance that what Celeste says is truth. Monique truly has nothing to lose. Celeste may have locked the originals in the cemetary, but Elijah was right about his bet with Monique. Celeste killed herself, but the spell forced her to come back in a body she couldn’t do magic in, allowing Elijah to kill her for good. As a result, Davina came back to life.

Rebekah and Marcel are on the run now. However, they realize that the only way they can get away safely is with a cloaking spell. That means they need a witch. Killing the three remaining witches and getting Davina back will be their ticket to safety. For a while they need to jeopardize their safety by circling back into Klaus’ range in order to achieve it. When their surprise attack doesn’t work, Rebekah pleads to leave. Marcel is far too devoted to Davina and they go back to get her body.

Rebekah and Marcel

Rebekah and Marcel

Hayley is finally taking action on her own. She’s got Celeste tied to a tree with her pack at her back. Celeste is the only person who can reverse the spell placed on her pack to allow them to be normal again. Celeste provides them with what they will need. She seems excited to help them because it will bring Hayley closer to her pack, thus further from Elijah. While she may have a point, assuming that Elijah would jeopardize Hayley’s happiness to spite Celeste is her fault.

What did you think of the episode?

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