Casting Outrages

There are so many characters that we’ve come to love over the years and there are more being create each day. These characters become part of our consciousness and we start to love our characters like they actually do exist. Which is why it is important that when we see these characters are brought to life we see them displayed justly. Not having just the right actor in the role can cause an outrage. There are times the outrage is merited as the actor doesn’t truly fit the role. Then there are other outrages that turn out to be the perfect depiction of cameras. And there is no way to know which an actor will be until we see the final product.


Batman & BatmobileBringing a character to life is something that a fan would both love and dread. If a character that isn’t particularly favored for a role is ultimately choose, you will hear the backlash from the fans. Sometimes these outrages are silly as the fan base just does not like the chosen actor. Other times, an actor selected is actually the person people were hoping for. Whoever the actor gave off just the right vibe that made sense for the character. Those selections don’t often elicit the attention as things like Ben Affleck being cast as Batman.

People went all up in arms when Ben Affleck was announced as the next Batman. I mean totally lost their shit, mostly because they reluctantly remembered Affleck’s depiction of Daredevil. With that in mind people were scared and it’s not like you can forget that he’s had his fair share of duds over the years. Yet, there’s nothing to say that he wouldn’t make an awesome Batman. The images shown thus far make Affleck look just spiffy as the Caped Crusader. I have no doubt that he will be a stellar Batman, just as Jesse Eisenberg will make an interesting Lex.

Batman vs SupermanI’ll admit that I was a bit outraged at the casting of Gal Gadot in the role of Wonder Woman for multiple reasons. For one, Gal Gadot, hasn’t quite been the pinnacle of acting, leaving much to be desired. Then there is the issue of her not looking like Wonder Woman. When I was growing up, I loved Wonder Woman, not because she was a pretty girl, but because she was powerful. She commanded respect, and never gave off the impression to me that she cared too terribly much about her appearance. Wonder Woman was a strong woman and she wasn’t a waif. She looked like she could kick a man’s ass. She was an Amazonian and that was what was so ¬†fascinating about her. Gal Gadot looks gorgeous in her costume. But the day that I would believe that she could throw down like Wonder Woman is the day that I sprout wings. Now she could blow my mind and be the most amazing Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen, bringing the Amazonian to life like never before. We’ll just have to see.

What casting outrages got under your skin?

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