Z Nation – “Zombaby!” Review

You have to love a zombie show that is perfectly willing to use a giant cheese wheel as a tool to kill approaching zombies. This episode definitely brought back some of the fun and camp that I loved on this show. For one there was also zombie sheep that attacked the group. There were a number of bizarre things going on this episode.

Z Nation - "Zombaby!"The farm with the Mennonites was half infected. This posed a serious issue mainly because the infected were exploding a white powder. The live Mennonites claimed that it was anthrax bursting out of them. It left those who were infected by this disease extremely sick. In many of the cases their skin was pocked and ravaged. Within hours it had 10k coughing up blood. Before he even had his moment, Addy was going down as well. Whatever this substance actually was is dangerous to anyone who came in contact with it.

Murphy’s baby mama, Serena is one hell of a character. When she was first introduced she was introduced, but she got even more ridiculous. She’s all sorts of intensity and that her a rather amusing addition to the cast. that’s not even acknowledging the fact that she is having a zombie baby. When her water broke it was just a gush of blood. Serena’s giving birth was a bit unsettling and bizarre. It’s no wonder that Doc was having trouble with it, especially considering he’s not an actual doctor. The fact that the baby literally pulled itself out rather than a normal birth is creepy enough. This became straight up bizarre though when the zombie wise men came to see Murphy’s baby with zombie animals in tow. it was a creepy looking baby, not surprising the way it kicked.

We got an interesting moment of questioning what humanity is in this situation. When the young Mennonite accompanied Vasquez and Addy, they encountered a man attempting to commit suicide. the problem was the drug store was low on any drugs. So even though he took everything that was left, it wasn’t enough. He did force Vasquez’s hand as he charged at them knowing they would attack. This left the young Mennonite in shock. He was awed by the fact that they would rather kill than die. This topic of life and death was broached again when Warren made the decision to take the anthrax medicine that was being divided among all infected to use exclusively for Addy and 10k.

Vasquez is the new guy and despite his early attacks, he’s been helping the group. That said, it is good to finally see something manifest in his character. He’s just been painted as the soldier and nothing more. He is definitely up to something with the radio listening to spanish transmissions. That said, I’m not sure what exactly his angle is. If he’s part of something bigger or just wants to get Murphy back for the bounty after all.

What did you think of this episode?

2 thoughts on “Z Nation – “Zombaby!” Review

    • I’m wondering it. I’m rewatching the episode right now trying to figure it out. But I’m thinking it was just the writers sitting around a table spitballing ideas and saying “screw logic!”.

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