Arrow – “Lost Souls” Review

We are finally looking in to Ray’s disappearance now that it is abundantly clear that he is in fact alive. Felicity is going into overdrive trying to trace back where his message came from and is driving herself into a frenzy. Both Oliver and Curtis are concerned about her because she’s operating in this sort of obsessed trance state.

Arrow - "Lost Souls"Turns out that Ray is tiny and sending live messages. His communication is sporadic, but there meaning they can work out what they are going to need to do next. Things got complicated when it was revealed that the people holding him hostage and wanting his tech was none other than Damien Darhk. That meant breaking into a Darhk run compound and busting Ray out. It involved creating a distraction and using Curtis to help with a base jump and embiggening Ray.

I’m really glad to have Ray back. He’s a great addition to the cast, while he’ll be going off to Legends of Tomorrow, I will continue to enjoy his time on the show. He’s a ray of light and is humorous.

What was interesting was the wedge that was driven between Oliver and Felicity. She’s irritable and focused as she uses her skills to help Ray. That means coding. It means digging through schematics. It means doing a whole bunch of things that Oliver is particularly no help. Even though he offers to help she pretty much brushes him off until she could use his help to steal a part they need. There was a lot of tension between them as Oliver was also responsible for bringing her mom to town. It was rather humorous that Oliver kept making plans. It led to some really runny moments in this episode, that could have gotten really dark.

All of the outbursts that have been building and then amplified in this episode was about Felicity. We saw that she loved doing things and accomplishing things with the group. It turns out that it was more than that for Felicity as she felt that she was losing what made her Felicity in Oliver. It was a chance for her to lash out and reel against it. There’s trouble with the pair of them and you have to be somewhat happy that Oliver hadn’t proposed because I don’t think she would have said no and I don’t think she would have wanted to. That didn’t mean she didn’t have doubts. And while they made up, I don’t think it will be easy for them. They need to remind each other that they love each other.

Arrow - "Lost Souls"Sara was back out in the field a bit and it was scary to see how violent she still is. Even though it is a bit of her new normal being a product of the Lazarus pit, it seemed a bit much. She may have her soul back, but she’s still killing people at every chance she gets. Now Sara never adopted the stance Oliver did about killing, but she was a bit more discriminating before. However, killing now that she has her soul back is more troublesome. She decided to go off and find herself away from fighting and the temptation that it presented.

What did you think of the episode?

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