Agents of SHIELD – “Chaos Theory” Review

We spun it back in time a bit to see how Andrew came to be The Flash. That actually worked really well for me. We saw that for a time Andrew and May were happy together. it wasn’t until he got some of Jiaying’s old belongings that terrigen hit him and unlocked his inhuman’s genes.

Agents of SHIELD - "Chaos Theory"It’s hard not to see everything that Andrew does in a different light. Every movement, every look feels like there’s so much more. He’s not only mining information, but covering himself up at the same time. I won’t pretend like there wasn’t hope that Andrew and Lash were separate entities. That they weren’t quite the same person or that the Lash persona had some autonomy. It was clear that wasn’t quite the case even if he was trying to keep the urges at bay and use them in situations he deems necessary.

Now that May knew what Andrew was capable it made their situation better. Once she learned that Gutierrez was alone with Andrew on an eval, she headed quickly for it. She got him out free, but her confrontation with Andrew went sour to the point that he iced her in frustration.

Lincoln also figured out that Lash was in SHIELD. He knew Jiaying had a ledger and all the people were dying were from it. He needed Mack to prove it. It was nice seeing Lincoln trust someone other than Daisy, even if it was only because he knew it couldn’t have been him. He did drop an interesting truth bomb about Andrew. He was in transition. Soon his self as Andrew would be gone and only Lash would remain. Apparently inhumans can’t be shifters. Granted Lincoln just made the entire situation a giant mess ruining Coulson’s attempts at a peaceful negotiation.

Agents of SHIELD - "Chaos Theory"The actual conflict once Lash transitioned into Lash was interesting. However it was the moments that he had with May that were interesting. it seemed fitting that it was May who was the one who talked him down enough for them to get into containment. It was also fitting that May turned to Daisy as to what she should do about the stasis solution. It ended up feeling really satisgying that May and Andrew were put at the center of the conflict and could be the only resolution.

Fitz finally broke open the phone and got the information that Jemma had been recording. He’s trying to do his best by Simmons. He truly loves her and while finding remnants of the relationship she had with Will hurt, he was also touched. he saw how Jemma always called out to him. Fitz is going into a lot of theories for how they can find him.

-How many other items has Jiaying rigged to make terrigen bombs go off?
-Gutirrez is settling into his abilities
-Lincoln is going to be sticking around
-Rosalind is proving to be an interesting ally, if that is what she is
-Either Rosalind is part of Hydra is caught up in a situation way over her head

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Agents of SHIELD – “Chaos Theory” Review

  1. Blair Underwood is the second person of African descent to portray an Inhuman that will not look human, once his transition period ends. This is beginning to be a habit with Mutant Enemy. First Ruth Negga and now Underwood.

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