Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Characters

Marvel Characters

I recently purchased a one month subscription to Marvel Unlimited to try it out. I had been taking out comics from the library, but within a month I had pretty much plowed through a large chunk of their collection or the comics were missing large chunks and storylines or were only the beginning of series. I go through one or two comics on a normal day on top of my regular reading, so the library soon would not have been an option. The fact that the price is so low for access to such a large catalog was enough to sell me. There are hundreds of comics on my list and it is constantly growing. For the price and how much it would cost to buy individual comics it is a no brainer.

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited Logo

By signing up to Marvel Unlimited you are given access to a massive catalog of Marvel comics both recent and spanning through the many ages of the comics. All content is then offered through one of their readers. There is the online version of the reader and the mobile version. But it is the catalog that is the big draw, if you are looking to read into some of the recent major storylines like Civil War, this is the place to go as it aggregates everything together. You can’t forget about all the older comics which are still there as well. You can browse what titles are available on the site or from the app before you choose to sign up. If you see that there is something you want to read and it isn’t there, you can put in a request for it to be added to the catalog. The only catch with the titles is that a comic that just came out will not be available. There is a six-month waiting period before a comic will make it into Marvel Unlimited. If you don’t have a problem with being six months behind this isn’t a big deal. I know I for one was fifty years behind, only picking up an odd issue here or there, and just researching what happened in storylines rather than reading them myself. Reading comics can be very expensive and this was the perfect opportunity to allow me in without killing all my future paychecks.

That said, the native readers are the only readers you can use with Marvel Unlimited. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if they were actually good. I’ll admit I don’t have a whole lot of experience with the online app other than perusing and pushing through one comic just to see how it went. I’m not big on reading on the computer (when I read fanfic, I’d read the first chapter online and print out the rest in the smallest font you’ve ever seen), but the online reader does work. It is a little bit clunky and thankfully far better than the mobile app.

Marvel Unlimited App

Marvel Unlimited App

I hate to be disparaging, but the mobile app leaves a lot to be desired. Currently it gets the job done and that is about it. Navigating through a comic can still be glitchy. Three nights in a row, I was trapped in a comic because the done option wouldn’t pop up no matter what gestures I used. Eventually after swiping the comic through again the option to exit finally came up. It is things like that making the experience not the best.

At the end of the day my decision with Marvel Unlimited is to renew for a whole year. The access to the massive catalog was enough to convince me and look past the glitches in the mobile app. Glitches can be fixed and until then I will enjoy my absorption of all things Marvel. If you are waiting for a polished experience, it has gotten a lot better to a point where it is no longer a deterrent, but you may want to wait just a bit longer.

Have you used Marvel Unlimited? What are your thoughts on the service.

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