The Originals – “Chasing the Devil’s Tail” Review

After all the hubub that Jackson made last week about Ollie being a traitor, he was quite broken up by Ollie’s death. The Wolves are a very interesting group, but Jackson still refuses to step up as alpha which leaves Hayley in a very strange position

The Originals - "Chasing The Devil's Tail"Klaus has serious daddy issues. The fact that he was introduced to his actual father who appears to accept him, doesn’t really make anything better. There is still a very harsh divide between the two. Watching Klaus from beyond isn’t being their for his son and Klaus isn’t just going to embrace the man. Honestly, I don’t blame him at all. They may have issues that they need to work out, but Daddy dearest knows that Klaus’ daughter is alive and that is not good. No one is supposed to know that the child is alive. Even among the vampires, they don’t all know that. If his father’s intentions really are good, then it would be a nice change of pace for Klaus life. Unfortunately Klaus could’t let him live with that knowledge. It’s tragic that we lost the building of one relationship that really could have helped Klaus as a person.

The Mikaelson family is filled with problems. Lots of problems. Finn is ridiculously loyal. Loyal to a fault in which he would do anything for his mother to make her happy. That makes him the dangerous brother. Thankfully, Cammy is smart enough to get in on the plan to take out Finn and take away his ability to use magic. This locks away Esther’s right hand from any use.

The Originals - "Chasing The Devil's Tail"Thus, Esther must rely on Kol. The son who doesn’t want to follow her, but does to meet his own means. He’s conflicted. He’s out for his own good, just like he always has been. In this case, we know that he’s toying with Esther, but I get the sense that he’s also toying with Davina. That’s the thing about Kol, he’s only going to make sure that he’s well taken care of. At this point, I’m just waiting for the tables to turn and Kol to show is true colors. Watching Kol for now, care about Davina is something that can make for some interesting story in the future. He’s going to betray her, but I don’t know that he will hurt her if he can do anything about it.

After a few weeks of seeing Elijah essentially out of order, he’s finally back with the rest, though only briefly. The show is often better off when we get to see Elijah around. However, after his experience, I’m not sure where on the spectrum he will be falling.

What did you think of the episode?

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