Agent Carter – “Time and Tide” Review

Agent Carter - "Time and Tide"The humor on this show is far more dry than most Marvel shows. Under less capable hands Peggy closing the window on the young man sneaking in to see his gal would have been bland. However, Peggy’s lack of amusement and indifference was handled in a way that I could help, but let out a chuckle. However, this window climbing event pulled in further into the episode’s plot when the girl was kicked out of Griffith. Peggy’s new home is stuff, with rules to be followed. it’s only a matter of time before Peggy ends up breaking them, or finds and efficient way to circumvent the rules. As she said, “no building is impenetrable.”

One of the more satisfying things about the series is that Peggy’s SSR counterparts are very competent. Peggy isn’t just vying for acceptance in an organization that is comprised of bumbling idiots. The men she works with are smart and good at their job. They don’t know everything that is going on, but they are working to figure it all out. This week we saw them get so close on their trail that Jarvis was brought in for questioning. The only way Peggy was able to get him out before he cracked under the pressure of losing his wife to deportation was to sacrifice her own standing among the other. By pretending to make a petty mistake she allowed for Jarvis to get free. All of her progress and work was lost in a brief moment. It was tragic and well played.

Agent Carter - "Time and Tide"For Peggy, that disappointment kept coming. When her research and work with Jarvis led her to yet another item that could have gotten her back into the SS good graces. Instead, she let Jarvis reason with her and had the tip called in for Sousa to get credit.

Just when Peggy was about to be found out by one of her colleagues (Kosminski) from the man she beat up, both men in the know were murdered by an unknown person in a suit. While, they wore a suit, based on the form of the murderer it appeared to be a woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if the woman who made this kill was Peggy’s new neighbor was the culprit. The real question is why. The somber mood in the office after Kosminski’s death was palpable. The chief is now even more driven to get Stark.

Agent Carter - "Time and Tide"My one gripe with the show was the incredibly long narrated recap that was at the beginning of the episode. I understand that this is a highly serialized show. Jumping in at just any episode would require a new audience member to be caught up with certain aspects of the events. However, the recap felt rather clinical. Rather than leaving me excited for the upcoming episode, it actually sucked some of the excitement out of the show before it could even get going.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Agent Carter – “Time and Tide” Review

  1. I agree that the recap was unnecessary, especially considering there have only been two episodes prior and, last I checked, there are only eight episodes total. You can get away with that on long running shows like Arrow and even The Flash, but not when we know this is only a mini-series.

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