The Originals – “They All Asked for You” Review

The Originals - "They All Asked For You"Shortly after Hayley’s wedding, the group of Mikaelsons are largely separated. Each of them is handling their own business as they try to work to keep Hope safe. At the end of the day that is the most important thing. We never really saw them separated, which was a benefit to the show. They are at their best when they are together anyway.

Freya may be a Mikaelson, but she hasn’t gone through the trials and the tribulations of the family. She may have written of Esther, but she seeks approval from her father. To her, she is still a sweet man who card for her, even if he had some rough edges. She never saw how he pursued the rest of the Mikaelson clan. Very clearly there is still some sort of bond between the two, which makes them an even more dangerous pairing.Freya is not out to take down her brothers. She seems to be desperate to make Esther pay for giving her away. Along the way, they took down Finn in the process.

Rebekah is running into issues of her own after she was almost taken down, but Marcel stepped in to save her. Turns out the body Rebekah has on loan as left some people rather angry. She inhabits a witch named Eva. However the witch Marcel confronted was the man in charge of hunting Eva down. The fact that Eva isn’t even in possession of her own body does’t seem to matter. Elijah’s trip with the intention to woo an elder didn’t go much better. She was having non of Elijah simply because he was a vampire. Despite this she wasn’t angered by them, just didn’t want help. It was actually Gia that managed to persuade the woman.

Considering everyone else seem to have problems related to their livelihood, Hayley’s marital struggles feel trite. She has a baby that she must care for. I don’t know why I’m supposed to care about them not having time to get together. Their relationship has never played well on screen. Not nearly as enticing as the blooming romance between Elijah and Gia. The spark just isn’t there between Hayley and Jackson. Tey seem like friends, not lovers. Gia and Elijah look like people pursuing different lives.

What did you think of the episode?

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