Helix – The White Room

Seriously, can Balleseros get any more shady. I don’t know that it’s actually possible for him to be any more sociopathic. He lies like it is nothing. He kills with ease. And subterfuge seems to be his specialty. He likes dredging up trouble going so far as to push Daniel. He throws threats around and tries to cause tension between trusted teams He’s a very dangerous man as he plays everyone he comes in contact with.

Dr. Sarah Jordan

Dr. Sarah Jordan

Dr. Sarah Jordan started as a young smart eager doctor, but she’s fallen into a spell of stupidity. Yes, one could chock her behavior up to her difficulty focusing now that her medicine ran out. However, she seems to know that what she is doing is wrong as she is keeping it a secret. After walking back suspiciously to her room with more morphine, she seems shocked that her infected friend escaped. And even more shocked that the vector tried to infect her. Even after the attack, Sarah still wants to hide the vector in the safety of her room. For someone who is part of the CDC and knows about spreading disease, she is acting like a fool. Farragut put her in her place at least and he only knew about the drug use.

The discovery of Doreen’s body was probably the most grotesque thing the show has offered up. Alan Farragut entered her lab area to find her bloody and partially eaten with blood shot eyes. For a moment, he thought she may have been alive because her mouth appeared to flutter for a moment. It turned out to just be one of the rats gnawing at her. Pardon my reversion to a four year old, but it was yucky.



The discovery is just enough to spur Alan into action. He knows this wasn’t an accident, but a murder. I didn’t understand Daniel’s initial claims that it was just an accident. When Daniel realized that Balleseros was behind Doreen’s death he was a bit peeved, but is still keeping the secret. Alan is too smart for their lies and finds proof that Doreen was murdered. With Julia on the other level, Doreen dead, and Sarah on drugs, Alan is on his own when it comes to figuring this vector mess out. Pointed to Dr. Hvit, Alan confronts Daniel. I’m glad that Daniel stood up to Alan and pointed out that Alan has known him just as long has Alan has known Ballaseros. Yet, Ballaseros has done nothing other than wear a uniform to earn Alan’s trust. I’m rooting for Daniel as he seems to be the lesser of two evils (or is it three). When the men realize Dr. Hvit is actually outside, all three go out into the arctic. Only Ballaseros unclips Alan and kicks him down a mound of snow. At least Daniel appears to have seriously wounded if not killed Ballaseros.

Hatake is off on his own doing god knows what other than it apparently involves stabbing himself. He’s throwing himself right into Julia and Jaye’s path intentionally. His motivations are unclear, but his injury is enough that at the current location he’s untreatable. Despite Julia and Jay having just traveled down the hall knocking on every door, I don’t buy that going to the other side of the base is quite as difficult as they are making it out to be. As they move through the level to get to a lab they encounter a few hiccups, but after losing Jaye at one point they get there. The best twist of it all was that Jaye never existed, but was Julia’s hallucination.

What did you think of the episode?

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