Helix – Bloodline

Julia is back to feeling well. So well that she’s willing to play a joke an stress out her colleagues. Her appetite is back, she looks good, but she still has those silver eyes. While Sarah was running tests on Julia’s blood, Julia showed her the special eyes she’s now sporting. Julia is far from being a helpless character. Despite being locked up, she took matters into her own hands and climbed through the air ducts. Unfortunately, that’s where all the vectors were traveling. When a vector approaches and hovers over her, it leaves her alone. It seems her previous infection prior to her treatment is still registering with the vectors and protecting her. She’s like the mother of the vectors. In an interesting moment, Julia found an old photograph of Hatake and her as a child. Julia is in fact Hatake’s daughter.

Dr. Julia Sutton

Julia’s silver eyes

Sutton is one cold bitch and extremely deceptive. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t see the value in Julia. Her solution is  to take Julia captive and ostracize her from the team. She really is a heartless character. Where Hatake was mysterious and his motivations are unclear, Suttons are clear. Sutton wants her cure and anyone who gets in the way will die. In fact, anyone who knows of the cure will die. Pretty much, no one is safe with her around.

Hatake is locked up in Sutton’s care. Rather than actually torturing Hatake for the information she wants, she threatens to torture Julia. That seems to get to him more than the prospect of being tortured himself. Similar to Sutton, I’m curious as to what makes Julia so special that he means so much to Hatake. When Julia finally makes her round back to Hatake, her steely attitude seems to have returned. I’m not sure why she had such an emotional change, but after Hatake stabbed her with some unknown substance it would have made sense.

Constance Sutton

Constance Sutton

Ballaseros and Daniel are finally on the same page. They want Anana and Daniel to get off he base while they still can. Anana has different plans because she wants to find out where all the missing kids went. Anana is very stubborn and it is frustrating. Daniel doesn’t want to run from his problems even if that means being with his sister. It is nobble of him to remain loyal. I wish Anana would recognize that. Daniel had a life for many years away from them, so it makes sense that he would have difficulty just cutting ties. At the very least, it’s good that Anana got out of that death trap. On the outside, she found Ballaseros trying to steal her quad. After a little scuffle Ballaseros gets the upper hand, but when he’s about to leave guards come out ready to shoot. he must have a soft spot for Anana because instead of riding off to freedom and leaving Anana for dead, he relinquished her quad and let her go.

Sarah and Alan weren’t just twiddling their thubs through the episode, though they didn’t do much better. Once Julia was taken from them and they realized how deep they are now with Sutton’s presence, they resort to scheming. Their goal is to great a bomb with their chemical know how. Their little explosion works enough to get Sarah and Alan out of the lab, but it hasn’t killed or stopped Sutton. Instead, she took Peter and threatened to kill him, unless they returned. They went in with a weapon and managed to hold off Sutton. I’m glad Sarah was the smart one and realized that Sutton planned to kill Alan from the beginning. After pulling Peter’s plug that insulated him, Sutton left her guards to kill him. In the chaos, vectors stole Peter and Hatake helped Sarah and Alan escape.

Alan and Hatake

Alan and Hatake

At the end of the episode, Hatake garroted Sutton and regained control of the base. Sutton’s men were placed in custody, while some opted for suicide. The race for the cure is back on, but it wouldn’t be through Julia, who didn’t have any antibodies that could help. Oh and we learned that Julia is Hatake’s real daughter, while he lost his surrogate son, Daniel.

What did you think of the episode?

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