Sleepy Hollow – Necromancer

Captain Frank Irving and Jenny Mills

Captain Frank Irving and Jenny Mills

Now that they have the horseman captured, they need to take their next steps. Since killing the horseman is out of the question, the sucker just won’t die, they resort to attempt questioning the horseman. This can’t be easy tough. Instead they need to use someone who is dead. That means Andy.

Andy is back again. His regret feels real as he talks about how death has made him re-evaluate his choices while he was alive. He genuinely wants to help Abbie and the others stop the Horseman. The only problem is Andy sold his soul and now he is controlled by the Horseman. The the horeseman calls for Andy to do his bidding, he must obey. Andy was an eerie conduit for death to speak to them. The biggest revelation was that Ichabod was the horseman’s target on the battlefield and that it was his former best friend Abraham. While Andy betrayed the group, he redeemed himself once he regained control by banishing the horseman and the Moloch’s minions back into darkness.

It is great to see Captain Irving finally part of the team rather than just a side character with very little to do. Now we are seeing him as a man out of his element but determined to protect the people of is town and the world. He gets in contact with Jenny and get on their own search only to discover the hessians are back. In fact, Frank and Jenny had a full on side mission where they got to show their ingenuity and contribute to the common goal. They are starting to feel like part of a team. Sure, they may be part of the b-team, but they are still part of team down with the horesemen.

Katrina and Ichabod

Katrina and Ichabod

We all know I am not particularly fond of the character of Katrina and this week is no exception. Her portrayal in her flashback scenes seemed contradictory to previous episodes. I really don’t care for her character and none of her back story has done anything to change that feeling or show her as anything other than a character of warnings, which she hasn’t even done much of lately. I don’t care if Katrina is the horseman’s one weakness because she needs to be more compelling and not just cared about because of the emotional weight she gains from our affection to Ichabod.

The pace in theses recent episodes has really picked up. We started the episode, right where we left off and immediately started getting things in motion. Unlike episodes that start with a bang and then slow, “Necromancer” managed to keep the pace and keep things going.  We also saw a lot more of our full cast of characters. The show is rounding out and if it can maintain this quality Sleepy Hollow stands the chance to be around for a long time. However, this episode could have used a bit more of the lightness and less Katrina.

What did you think of the episode?

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