Agents of SHIELD – The Well

The team gears up to reunite the berserker staff

The team gears up to reunite the berserker staff

We are not left without a tie-in to the most recent Marvel movie, Thor: The Dark World. The agents on Coulson’s team are here to do clean up on the aftermath left on Greenwich University. The crew sorted through the relics to keep any of the Dark Elf technology out of the way of us ordinary humans.

While the team was cleaning up relics, some Norwegians were stealing some odd Asgardian tech that imprinted the female with the ability to punch people twenty feet. The stole the power so they can give the public the opinion they are gods, going so far to emblazoning it on the street. The staff gives the little Norwegian hoods a bit too much power and it goes to their heads.

Ward went and touched part of the Asgardian staff and shortly after passed out. Apparently the staff amplifies emotions and surges them with adrenaline which gives them the power. But with War waling around like a loose cannon, its in the teams best interest to find the staff and figure out what is going on. For Ward, this gave us the chance to see flashes of his past and what looks like being trapped in a well. It seems Ward is only able to express his frustrations through anger. Ward is the consummate professional and asks to be taken off the job because his locked away memories that are resurfacing are making him a liability rather than an asset.

His past fueled his anger and fueled the berserker that the staff encouraged. In his rage, he killed a man. But while that may have decimated Ward’s emotions, May was able to step in and kick ass. With the staff, May acted with control and ferocity. I want to know what drives her even more now that we’ve seen how she maintained control without losing herself. We know that there is a past torment that plagues her constantly. It is likely while she resisted the gig initially and spends much of her time in a meditative state. I really want to know what happened to her previously.

Ward and the Asgardian professor Elliot Randolph

Ward and the Asgardian professor Elliot Randolph

The professor (he goes by Elliot Randolph these days) the team questions isn’t just a well of knowledge about how the Asgardian Staff stayed and the tale of the berserkers. Even more interesting is that he is an Asgardian. The very Asgardian berserker that fell in love with Midgard(Earth) and wanted to stay. In case you were wondering, he didn’t know Thor. Now that he is able to bond with Coulson about being stabbed through the chest by an Asgardian staff, they are going to be buddies. Coulson even promised to introduce Randolph to Thor if the opportunity arose.

Of course there was more teasing of what happened to Coulson, but I’m questioning when we are going to get some sort of answer of what happened to him. We’re going to need to find out what is going on soon or this will become one of those awful secrets.

What did you think of the episode?

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