Agents of SHIELD – Beginning of the End (Season Finale)

What seemed like an ordinary office and a new guy being introduced to the place turned out to be Cybertek who saw our team entering the Havana base. It was practically instant destruction and in the process Tripp got a little hurt before the others collapsed the base on the Cybertek men.

Beginning of the EndGarrett was quickly informed of the breach in Havana. He could careless because he is amped up. He has boundless energy, increased strength, and his mind is running rampant. Hes having a manic moment and has to get everything in his mind out. Grant took that moment to try to convince Garrett that since they no longer needed HYDRA they should cut their tries.

Coulson realizes that the tracker is on the plain, which is in New Mexico, but FitzSimmons aren’t answering. To answer the question as to whether they were okay. They were for now. It wasn’t an ordinary container, but a SHIELD one designed to be in either a airplane or submarine. With a broken arm and time to figure out what was going on, Fitz had to deliver the bad news that they were going to die in that container. The smart kid he is, he did set up a distress signal though. even though they were in a dire situation, Simmons managed to keep up her spirits. In her longing looking out at the sea, she figured out a way to get them out of the container.

Beginning of the EndGarrett is acting like a mad man, claiming he can finally see Raina’s soul. Raina makes it very clear that she has no allegiance to any person or organization other than evolution. Giving in to Garrett’s manic state, she asked him what she will become. Raina seems to think that Skye will be in the middle of this so called evolution.

Quinn is still marketing to the US military. He’s talking about replacing full limbs and the ability to replace soldiers with ease. A sound proposition to military forces who always need men. It’s a government contract that would mean big buisness for Quinn, but our SHIELD team is their to mess it all up. With an attack outside, Garrett strolls in with Ward and Deathlok. He has no interest in working with these men. he wants to be praised. To make his point clear he pulled the rib out of a man and then beat him with it. yes, I just said that. He beat a man with his own bones.

Our SHIELD team breaks into the base. Skye hacked the centipede soldiers changing their directives. As she was at Cybertek, she reached out to Garrett, who was cocky, but gave the order for Ward to go after her.

Beginning of the EndBack under water, Fitz figured out a way to create a breathing device, but there was only one. Fitz refused to take it and gave it to Simmons. It was aheartfelt moment as she realized what he meant when he said that she was more than just his best friend. Then he blew the hatch. Simmons used the device, but refused to leave Fitz down their and struggled to pull him up. And when she burst up there was no one around, until she realized that Nick Fury was reaching down to pull them up into a helicopter. The beacon Fitz made was what called Nick to their position. But now she is in a decompression chamber and Fitz is just barely alive. But he is.

Ward reaches Skye rather quicker. He tries to entice Skye with information. When that doesn’t work he tries to claim that he’ll just take what he wants from Skye. A scumbag move. But he didn’t know that May was right behind him and ready to unleash all of her rage. When Coulson is knocked clear across the room by Garrett, he sees Nick Fury hiding in the back. Coulson is yet again given a very big gun and he uses it well, but between that and the clip Fury unloads into Garret, he still didn’t go down.

The fight between May and ward was juxtaposed between the encounter with Fury, all while Skye freed the people who’d been locked away. The banter between Nick Fury and Coulson was perfect. Just as the fight featuring May was a highlight. Skye is ready to prove that Deathlok’s son was okay. But even a massive blast to Garrett wasn’t enough to keep him down. But it was long enough for Deathlok to curbstomp Garret’s head.

Beginning of the EndNow that Garrett is dead it’s nice to see that Ward is going to be paying for . Deathlok on the other hand stared at his son, Ace, longingly, but never saw him. He feels the need to make amends for what has happened to him. It was then that it was revealed that Garrett wasn’t fully dead. He managed to use the machine and get a new body, but Coulson used some tech to completely obliterate him. he was in a million pieces, so I’m pretty sure that he’s dead. We then went to Coulson being angry at Fury. But Fury didn’t care, he did it to bring back a member of the Avengers, the anchor. To Fury, Coulson was worth the risk because he was the heart of the team. Nick then gave Coulson the necessary tools to rebuild SHIELD the proper way. He’s now Director Coulson and Fury is disappearing for a while. Oh and it appears that Patton Oswald is back as Billy Koenig, He behaves identical to Eric who passed. Could this be the first look at an LMD?

The big tease for next season was a man covered in blood who Raina met. It was revealed that he was her father, whoever that may be. Also we saw Coulson draw the same graph we saw Garrett draw earlier in the episode.

What did you think of the episode?

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