The Originals – From a Cradle to a Grave (Season Finale)

There was an eerie moment as Hayley retreated into her own mind as she was held by the witches. It was a moment from before everything went to hell last episode. But as quick as that memory was, we were brought back into the present as Klaus broke in to save Hayley. But with all of the witches there, he couldn’t do much. Hayley had the baby rather early and soon the baby would be sacrificed. But Monique slit Hayley’s throat. In true proof that he wasn’t just in it for the baby any more, Klaus was devastated. Freed from their hold, Klaus could do nothing but clutch a dead Hayley until Elijah arrived.

From a Cradle to a GraveDavina on the other hand was out to save Josh and that meant getting Klaus’ blood to do the spell to bring back Mikael. Davina collects his blood, but Marcel makes it clear that there’s only enough for one. Davina doesn’t want to choose between Marcel and Josh, but Marcel made it easy and fed Josh the blood. Marcel is going to go after Klaus and he intends to take it the unpleasant way rather than just asking.

They may not be able to save Hayley, but they are going to be damned if that baby girl dies as well. After realizing that the cemetery has been manipulated by the witches into one grand illusion. As they looked, Elijah broke down. He let out all of his feelings about how much he cared for Hayley and that letting her die was breaking him and he had the tears to prove it. Klaus offered his sympathies but made it clear he wasn’t planning to give up on the baby. Just at that moment we saw Hayley revive in the church with all the memories of what had just happened to her. Hayley is transitioning into a hybrid, which means she needs to drink the baby’s blood.

But there was still discord among the witches, incited by Monique. She wants to see that the fourth harvest girl, Cassie comes back and Genevieve goes away. That means betraying Genevieve and killing her amidst the ritual. While Davina is off making foolish deals with Mikael. And Davina’s spell worked returning Mikael.

Everything converged at once. Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus confronted the witches. They took out Genvieve (just knocked out) and the blond, but Monique was ready to kill he baby. Marcel jumped in at just the right time to save Klaus. But he took the baby luring Klaus back to save the vampires. But Marcel didn’t know that his people were being mauled by Mikael. He still doesn’t, just that Diego and the rest were all dead. But this led to Klaus and Marcel making amends (which included Klaus healing Marcel). Finally they were able to come together to to see eye to eye.

From a Cradle to a GraveMikael was ready to kill Klaus and the baby, but Davina had put up a barrier to prevent that. She was controlling him. Davina has power over Mikael and it is both terrifying and intriguing as Davina wants revenge. But Mikael isn’t the only one who is out to kill the Mikaelson kids. Since Esther consecration on the grounds, she now wants to kill the baby through the witches. The Mikaelson’s parents really hate them. Hayley makes the decision that it’s best that her baby is sent away, just like she was. Klaus is all for it, but before they do it, they need to fake some the baby’s death and Marcel was in on it.

The baby was mourned by those who knew her true fate and those who just missed her. Klaus gave her to Rebekah to take care of. It was nice seeing her return and their reconciliation. Though it is sad to see them both go, but the city will be a war zone and the vampires severely outnumbered. For Rebekah it was a gift because she always wanted a family and Klaus is giving her that in a way. The baby Hope.

What did you think of the episode?

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