The Originals – Sinners and Saints

Sophie tells Klaus about the Harvest after he confronts her

Sophie tells Klaus about the Harvest after he confronts her

This was the week of the witch and also the flashback. There were so many flashbacks I almost began to vomit. Sophie told her story about the ritual the witches of New Orleans perform every 300 years to maintain their bond to the ancestors. Maintain the bond and maintain their power. Sophie was not particularly fond of the ritual which would sacrifice four girls for the rest of the witches to maintain their power. Of course, that meant one of the girls chosen was Davina.

The most fascinating revelation was that Sophie and Marcel were once hooking up. Sophie’s little indiscretion occurred after the tension between witches and vampires had emerged. Sophie is clearly very moral and doesn’t find her need to ally herself with either witches or vampires. She wants what is right, to the point that she essentially tattled on the witches to the Priest who knows about all the information. Sophie wasn’t able to save anyone even though she tried. Her niece died as Sophie fought to get her free, but it was Davina who survived. Davina who kept the ritual from being completed.

We also got a lot of bonding between Davina and Elijah. It is very clear that Davina’s hatred for the witches came from their desire to kill her to maintain their power. A huge conflict of interest considering Davina was only excited to be chosen for the harvest ritual because she believed she would get more power. And boy did she get more power. Elijah’s intrigue to know more and genuine concern for the girl who kept him locked in a box was a testament to his character. It was clear that even though the witches are the ones to keep his brother’s child alive, he doesn’t agree with their methods. Conflicts of interest are always amusing.

This episode did its work tying all the various threads together. At the end of the day, it was satisfying to see how everything was actually connected, instead of having a bunch of different story lines. We now know how everything came to be as it is and hopefully we can more forward in the series without so much mystery as to the set up. We have plenty of present issues to deal with such as Klaus’s baby and his desire to take back the city that was once his.

Hayley seeks answers about the attack

Hayley seeks answers about the attack

We learned a lot about Sophie and she is starting to feel more like a real character rather than a background character. This did mark another week of shoddy development of Hayley and an ineffectual use of Rebekah. Rebekah is too good a character to be playing babysitter for an insolent little girl. It also isn’t giving Rebekah much development and as I’ve stated before, she might be one of the most interesting characters to come from the Vampire Diaries universe. Something needs to be done to give these characters more to do than go on their own dull adventures and accomplish little.

What did you think of the episode?

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