The Originals – Dance Back From The Grave

Let me start by saying there were a lot of severed heads in boxes this episode. A lot.

After the bombshell that the Sabine we knew for the majority of the season was actually Elijah’s former love, Celeste, and was still alive, we picked up right there. She had after all resurrected numerous people from the grave for reasons we don’t yet know. Celeste’s attack dog of the week is Papa Tunde. He’s sent out to harvest a weapon that could destroy an original.

French Quarter Witches

Papa Tunde and the French Quarter Witches

We are quickly brought into a flashback of one of Celeste’s resurrected as he celebrates ancestral magic with his group. From there we see Elijah and Klaus making deals with the kings of the city. It’s quickly clear that Alphonse Alotunde (aka Papa Tunde), the same magic man from the first part of the flashback arrives stating himself as a king. He even brought the mayor’s head as proof of his commitment. It’s clear very early on that Alphonse is not one to mess with and harnesses great power.

The tensions between Klaus and Marcel are high as usual, but Marcel hardly cares about Tierry being taken out of punishment as he drowns in a bottle. The loss of Davina is weighing heavy on him. He really did lose his family and I’m glad he’s not just bouncing back. After Klaus’ little trip back to Mystic Falls were he had a wonderful time with Caroline, he went so far as to apologizing and admitting sorry over Davina’s death. Klaus is trying to get help as well as snap Marcel out of the daze he is in. Like always, his mode of doing this isn’t all that great.

It doesn’t help that Alphonse’s return has signaled a change in times in the French Quarter. Witches are now killing vampires and the vampires are practically shitting their pants in fear. Going after them isn’t an option and Marcel doesn’t encourage it either. The symbols being left around the French Quarter at sacrifice sites with vampires as sacrifices. He’s one powerful man. We see that he goes after humans, vampires, and werewolves alike. I get a sense that if it was a witch outside of his group they would be fair game as well.

Papa Tunde

Papa Tunde

Rebekah is still on her kick to gain power over Klaus. She wants to make an ally of who has the power that left Davina. Elijah may be urging her to not to, but if he knows his sister well enough, he knows that isn’t a possibility. That is until Alphonse gets his hands on her for one of his vampire sacrifices. Some how he seems to manage to effectively dagger her and take her power. I don’t fully understand Hayley’s desire to help Rebekah now that she is incapacitated. They did spend a lot of time together, but I never got a sense of them actually bonding.

Because The Originals likes to drop bomb shells, and does so well I might add, it turns out Marcel was the person who originally got Papa Tunde to come to the French Quarter in an attempt to scare Klaus away and make good with Rebekah. It just turned out terribly in 1919 and just as bad now.

Klaus made a declaration to his vampires. Those who won’t fight with him should leave. Leading the deserters was Tierry, but now those that remain are only stronger.

What did you think of the episode?

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