The Originals – The Big Uneasy

Klaus isn’t shy to admit that his fling with Genevieve is just the product of successfully sealing the peace within the bayou. Klaus is in fact actually trying to upend the peace from the inside out. He’s doing everything he can to help the werewolves in the bayou, but that means they need to help him and make it seem like Elijah’s treaty is working. In the background, Klaus is working with Oliver. He requested that a descendant of Klaus’ tribe be brought to him

The Big UneasyDavina and Monique are still working together as the harvest girls. While their relationship still seems on the rocks it seems to be mending a bit because of their bond. Monique acknowledges that the ancestors channeled through her and they want all the harvest girls to be resurrected. That means Genevieve needs to die. However, Genevieve isn’t about to roll over and allow herself to be killed so soon. Instead, she’s plotting to steal the Mikaelson grimoire.

Marcel and Tierry are still plotting against pretty much everyone. They are trying to convince people to join up with him. Their first person they were going after was Diego, who is now one of Elijah’s lieutenants. However, Diego has sided up with the originals. Which is a very smart move on his part. Diego realizes that Marcel lost before and he’s trying to rise up with only himself and Tierry. Foolishly, Marcel now wants to play rough. I don’t know how that is going to work for him. If he wants to use harm to force other vampires to work for him, he could blow it up in his face. it’s clear that Marcel just wants power and nothing else. That is very different from the Originals, who simply wish to go about their business with no resistance.Long story short, it’s making Marcel come off as a really bad guy again after all that development with Rebekah and Davina.

Elijah is doing his best to make his treaty work. This means he’s organizing a bunch of gifts and appearances between the various factions to work together. He’s using his position and force to make the heads agree to play nice. This means favors. He’s trying to make a machine work where none of the parts can see eye to eye. But Elijah isn’t stupid and recognizes that some of the wolves are being a bit too agreeable.

The Big UneasyThe witches put on a great show. Davina however holds no sympathy for Elijah. Monique however is more envious of Davina being celebrated as a harvest girl when she’s sacrificed nothing. As punishment, Genevieve agreed with Monique and didn’t allow Davina to receive any of the gifts. Hayley tried to give her gift to Davina, but was forced to give it to Monique. Cammy gave Genevieve a gift to sway the witch to help and it work. Meanwhile, when Davina was at her low, her good buddy Josh arrived, only for Klaus to make a spectacle of him. He pardons Josh in front of the entire crowd and offers Davina a gift. In fact, his gift for her was the spell so Josh could get his daylight ring.

Marcel being hellbent on making sure that there is no peace in the quarter is pompous and juvenile. However, it does make for good conflict on the show. His gift was temptation and the resulting bloodshed. Elijah punished Marcel, by killing Tierry.

By the end of the episode, Genevieve was no longer going to help Kieran because of Klaus. Klaus is upset with himself for causing this. Marcel was scared senseless. Hayley has lost all hope in the idea of peace. And Elijah has finally stood up to Klaus saying that he will no longer allow Klaus to get in his way.

What did you think of the episode?

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