The Originals – An Unblinking Death

This episode really was all about Kieran, he is dying from insanity, remember. It’s been a while since we’ve actually seen him. He’s seeing things and attacked Cammy. Nonetheless, Cammy is still doing everything she can for her uncle with the help of Josh. That was when she got her crazy idea to shock Kieran into releasing the sliver of himself, freeing him from all that crazy.

An Unblinking DeathElijah truly is running the show now. He’s the one giving orders to Klaus now and shutting things down.Klaus is determined to help Hayley in his own way. It just happens that fostering this relationship helps him. Hayley meanwhile is waist deep with the werewolves of the bayou. Elijah wants to keep the wolves from working with Klaus as he doesn’t believe it would be safe. The wolves aren’t so sure because Klaus is the only one who can get them the moonlight rings. During Elijah’s trip a motorcycle filled with wolfs ame in the gas tank exploded. This sent Hayley into full savior leader mode. Hayley goes after Marcel. Their little sit down revealed that he wasn’t behind the werewolf attack.

It’s very clear that Marcel wants to own the town and make everyone else play by his rules only. He doesn’t just want to rule, but oppress. That means vampires on top and everyone else crushed beneath him. Hayley shoved a stake in Diego. Hayley went after Marcel alone after calling Klaus who was indisposed with Kieran.

Things kept exploding at the camp, but Elijah realized this just before. If there is one thing about the Originals, they don’t want wanton murder. They don’t mind peaceful working together. Elijah did all he could to help. But people died and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

An Unblinking DeathKieran bit off his own finger to get free and attack the nurse. When his heart stopped, Cammy begged for Klaus to turn him. He did turn and the hex finally went away. This gave Cammy and Kieran the opportunity to say goodbye to each other. It was a short life as a vampire, he neer got his first kill. However, the hex came back and he attacked Cammy. Klaus dispatched Kieran with a heavy heart and tended to Cammy. He realized that Cammy wanted Marcel and he called for him allowing him to come back.

When evie woke, it was revealed that Oliver was working with the humans. He thought that Evie would understand, when she didn’t he killed her. Then went after rallying the remaining werewolves. He doesn’t think Hayley is fit to lead them. In the end we see that he’s getting to the other werewolves. It is quite unsettling that he would do all of this just to make others see things his way, however, it’s no different than all the others trying to run the town.

What did you think of the episode?

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