The Originals – Moon Over Bourbon Street

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Klaus is an artist. His voice over in the beginning was great. As we saw that people are acting out in the wake of recent events. Vampires and witches are causing havoc on the streets on a whim. While Klaus is sleeping and cavorting Genevieve. He’s also making deals with the wolves, his descendants, particularly Jackson. Klaus seems to want to bring the wolves back into the french quarter and bring them to prominence. Klaus even offers Jackson a moonlight ring that would prevent him from turning on a full moon, in exchange for a favor.

Jackson and Klaus

Jackson and Klaus

Under the new council, the major players in the city are all gathered under Elijah’s rule. His goal is to set boundaries and make everything more fantastic. This new council is comprised by the originals, the vampires, the witches, and the humans. Notably the werewolves were left out. Considering they have just awoken and are no longer cursed, they can cause a lot more trouble in the city.

Considering Monique and Davina used to be best friends, Monique has turned rather cold toward her once bestie. She calls Davina weak and taunts her in a way that can only be described as hostile. Thankfully she still has Josh. I’ll admit that I’m not very fond of mopey Davina. She is a far more interesting when she has power and is struggling with that internal battle of what she should do with it. Now she’s just a scared little girl who refuses to do magic. It was a relief when she decided to finally to start using magic again. The stunned look on Monique’s face when she walked into the room with Davina and the roses was priceless.

Tierry and Marcel are meeting up to try to rebel against Elijah. It is a rather ridiculous plan and at least Tierry recognizes this. Marcel has no one backing him, yet he wants to go up against the originals again. I’m not really sure that I understand his motivation other than a desire for power. Marcel was at his best with Rebekah and now he’s no more than a vampire with ideas of grandeur. Marcel just doesn’t have the appeal. Either you love him or you hate him, but it’s rather easy to not feel conflicted about him at any one moment.

Hayley and Elijah

Hayley and Elijah

Hayley is off with her pack now trying to fit in. It’s clear that she’s the outside person. They see her as an outsider as well as she’s spent half her life with humans and the other with vampires. They are openly frustrated about it. She does not seem to fit in anywhere, but the wolves are most friendly to her. That said she’s the de facto voice of the wolves since no one else seems to be stepping into the role.

I loed that we got to learn a bit about Diego finally. Diego has been looming in the background getting lines every so often with no real story behind him. This was our first look into him and it was sad. The reason behind his increased aggression toward werewolves was because they killed his entire family. It was that event that resulted in Marcel saving him and making him a vampire. Diego has reason to not trust or like the wolves.

What did you think of the episode?

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