The Originals – The River In Reverse

Klaus and Elijah

Klaus and Elijah

Man, was that show of emotion from Klaus moving. His expression of how betrayed he felt by them going behind his back and questioning his uncharacteristically pure intentions. They betrayed them and now he is acting like a wounded puppy. Dangerous and increasingly paranoid, Klaus just last the last few threads tethering him to some sort of peace.

It isn’t surprising that Tyler Lockwood is spreading his revenge and ensuring Klaus’s downfall by teaming up with Marcel. He is fueled by rage and this doesn’t seem like the Tyler I grew to know previously. Instead he is this monstrous version who is only consumed by revenge and nothing else.

We saw the shift coming throughout the show, but Rebekah is finally stepping into a larger role. Her continual talks with Marcel were indicating that she was going to side with him. Klaus has screwed her over again and again, but she’s not taking it anymore. However, Rebekah makes it clear that they will be taking down Klaus, not the baby. All the time she spent protecting Hayley it makes sense that she doesn’t want this baby to be hurt. There is also the fact that she has a heart and cares about both of them. The baby is her niece.

The entire plot is to dagger Klaus, like he’s done to all his siblings at some point. He is a danger roaming the streets, but he can’t be killed without killing the majority of the vampires in New Orleans. Marcel has a special plot ready for Klaus away from all the others in his garden. Marcel doesn’t even trust Davina to be in on the plan as he suspects her odd behavior as her finally becoming unstable. Even with surrounding by scores of vampires, Klaus stands to the challenge, going so far as allowing one of Marcel’s men to take the coin that would allow them to live. No one pledged their allegience to Klaus and attacked. Klaus proceeds to dispatch all his opponents just as he claimed he would, only after playing the weakling for a while. For the sake of everyone, Rebekah convinces Marcel to take the coin and pledge his allegiance to Klaus. So much, for anyone thinking they could rule over Klaus.

Hayley consoling Elijah

Hayley consoling Elijah

While everything is going on, Elijah is dying from the vampire bite. he may be an original, but he can still be killed. Elijah is slowly losing his mind, yet he still wishes to protect Hayley. Their bond is one of the more interesting relationships on the show. If they for some reason decided to off Elijah for real, it would be rather upsetting as he seems to be the only one with morals. Throughout his werewolf bite induced death he hallucinates about a young witch, Celeste, that he once enjoyed a good time with in the past. it must have been difficult for Hayley to see Elijah’s memory of the love and heartbreak he felt regarding Celeste. I’m not entirely sure how Elijah managed to heal, but by the end his fever had broke and he was on the mend.

What did you think of the episode?

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