The Originals – Après Moi, Le Déluge

Davina may be back in the vampire fold, but she isn’t happy and she certainly isn’t trying to be agreeable. As Davina sorts out her anger issues, the time for the harvest is coming. All the power that has been festering in her body is beginning to manifest. The power is seeking a way out of Davina, but the longer they wait the more disasters will occur around them. These devastations are coming in the form of natural disasters based on the four elements. First came the earthquakes shaking the entire French Quarter. Then came the devastating winds, whipping through the city. Next came the storm of torrential rain. Finally, came the fire.

Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah

Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah

The relationship between Marcel and Davina really is great. You can tell just how much Davina means to him. She isn’t just a weapon and a tool to him. Yes, she has her abilities and earns her stay, but Marcel sees her as part of his family. Up until this point, Davina has put all her faith into Marcel. The disagreement may have shaken their relationship, but the mending has already begun. Together they are family and they need to fight for what is best for each other. It is their bond that makes Davina realize that she is ready for the harvest and what lies ahead. Her death weighs heavy on his soul. There is a rage for losing her that was unrivaled. His pain was tangible and there is no denying how much he actually cared for her.

The characters mentioned again and again that Klaus killed Davina’s love. They blame him for making an already untrusting girl even more frustrated. Klaus’s faults are front and center, but everyone knows how he deals with things. Klaus’s idea of justice is ferocity and killing anyone who gets in his way.

Hayley and Klaus

Hayley and Klaus

Hayley finally confessed to her involvement with finding Celeste’s body. Elijah took this betrayal very well, but there is now a strain on their relationship. Elijah truly loved Celeste and when she died her wish was to never be a part of the witches in New Orleans. Sophie may be willing to disrespect the dead and dig up Celeste’s body, but not all the witches agree (Sabine in particular). While the issue of Celeste’s body isn’t a major issue for long, Hayley’s actions weigh heavy on her heart. She spends a large portion of the episode crying over what she did to Elijah.

Rebekah has been working behind everyone’s backs since the very beginning. She has an idea of how she wants New Orleans to be run and it doesn’t include the boys. Her latest dealings involve seeking out help from Sophie once the witches are back at full power. But before that, Rebekah needed to make sure New Orleans was still in tact. As has always been a trait of Rebekah she values sentimentality greatly, but survival is still her number one priority.

Rebekah and Klaus

Rebekah and Klaus

The process of getting the harvest in order was long and complicated. It involved getting the Mikaelson’s mother the strongest witch and consecrate her bones. That opened her power up to the witches that were their enemy. Sophie would become and elder. Davina needed to die and those sacrificed would be resurrected and the harvest would be complete. At the end of the day it didn’t work. Davina died and no one resurrected. The power disappeared into nothing, or at least so it appeared at first. In truth, Sabine did her magic and took in the power Davina once had and resurrected some powerful witches. But Sabine isn’t who we thought, Sabine is actually Celeste.

What did you think of the episode?

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