The Originals – “Crescent City”

It was nice seeing the girl coming back to life after being buried. She burst from her grave and it happened to be Monique, the one girl Sophie Deveraux has been waiting for all this time. Monique now has some unique abilities, like the ability to sense truth. Then again, we didn’t get to see much of her other than at the ritual. She has tremendous powers. Monique left her own aunt for dead for not believing in the witches.

Klaus and Cammy

Klaus and Cammy

Klaus and the vampires aren’t left in the dark as to what happened to Papa Tunde for long. Diego is no fool and realized that this was just the beginning of their troubles. Heck, the vampires figure out exactly what is going on pretty quick. For each of the improperly resurrected witches that dies, one of the harvest girls comes back to life. Logically that would mean Davina will be the last one to come back.

With the witches ready to wage war against the vampires, one has to question why the witches are quite so eager to fight. This week’s evil witches of the week are Bastiana and Genevieve. Bastiana is out to stir up trouble and is starting with Father Kieran, who she hexes in the same way as his nephew was hexed. That means a lot of murder if the hex plays out. Genevieve to give Cammy and Kieran a way out, but stabbing the bone dagger Papa Tunde juiced up with dead vampire power into Klaus. At this point, I think Cammy would do it with absolute pleasure. It turned out to be Klaus espousing all his positive words about Kieran that made her hesitate and give up the dagger.

Together Elijah and Cammy do what they can to help Kieran from going hex nutty. This meant draining Kieran of vervain and compelling him. Even that wasn’t enough to stop the hex. So, Klaus went off to do what he did best. In the process he stole Monique, which drove Sophie to stab Klaus with the abandoned power blade.

Kieran, Cammy, and Klaus

Kieran, Cammy, and Klaus

It’s strange seeing Elijah interact with Celeste who he thinks is Sabine. She however knows very well of the relationship they once had, but she still seems to want him dead. If they really had such a loving relationship, I’d like to know what made her want to off Elijah as well. I was glad that they revealed Elijah had figured her out before their walk. Turns out, Celeste is rather bitter and is another on the list of people who blame Klaus for their deaths. Unfortunately he wasn’t wary enough to be more cautious around her as she threw an enchantment on her. She’s weakened Elijah and he won’t be strong enough to say Klaus, Rebekah, and Hayley.

Watching Rebekah get flustered when Hayley’s pack Oliver saunters in naked. He seems to be interested in her and it’s always nice seeing Rebekah be carefree. Despite being a thousand years old, Rebekah always feels like a young woman who wants to have fun, until she is slighted. While Rebekah is gallivanting around with Oliver, the wolf who had been watching Hayley revealed himself as Jackson. He went and threw out there that he was supposed to marry him. Jackson is also rallying for a uniting of the wolves. Only after they do what the witch said and kill Rebekah in order to break the curse on the pack.

One thing I’m left with at the end of this episode: Elijah is fascinating when you make him angry.

What did you think of the episode?


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