The Originals – The Battle of New Orleans

Davina was able to finally make Josh a daylight ring, but they are having a fight. Davina wants Josh out of town as they enjoy an afternoon. She’s worried that Josh will get in the crossfire. She scared because Marcel is coming to her for favors and while she doesn’t like what she’s doing she helped Marcel because she cares for him. But In fighting isn’t the only thing she is worried about

The Battle of New OrleansKlaus is working closely with Genevieve to create the moonlight rings. While she thought she was only making one, Klaus wants her to make a hundred. But he’s also offering protection. He’s willing to help her survive and give over his mother’s grimoire. An offer that Genevieve pauses to think about.

Marcel is torturing the wolves, he knows something is up and wants to find out what. Jackson is left tied up to a bomb by Marcel by the time Elijah and Klaus arrive. The bomb goes off as a salute to Thierry, but Elijah manages to get Jackson out safely. Even Jackson realizes that everything Klaus is doing for the group is for Hayley more than anything. he wants to have a family and that means

Cammy is dealing with the realities of what the ring means. She does find the location of where the key is for an apartment that her uncle rented. While the apartment at first seems like a dead end, a closet leads to an entire room of treasures and files. Also in this mysterious room, is a box marked specifically for her. There she learns that Franesca Correa wasn’t leading humans, but another hidden group of wolves in the bayou. Her entire family were wolves that hadn’t manifested in order to stay under cover. But now with the moonlight rings, they could kill and become wolves.

It took almost the whole season, but Elijah finally made his move when Hayley admitted that she was betrothed to Jackson. At first he was understanding and willing to just let it by, but Hayley badgered on. She wanted him to admit how he felt about her and she finally got her response as he kissed them.

The Battle of New OrleansMarcel is rallying his troops. He believes he knows everything he needs to know to beat Klaus. The unfortunate thing is that he’s lost sight of what truly drives Klaus. Even still, his speech rallied the vampires around him. Though if I was in his position I wouldn’t be trusting a group of vampires who change their allegiances with the tide. They fight for the winning side and who will empower them the most. Marcel is determined to take back his city.

Elijah took out a number of the vampires on his own, but as the Correas take their new form they attack the remaining vampires including Elijah and Diego. To add insult to injury, Genevieve betrayed Klaus and had the spell sap Klaus energy as wolves resisted the change. To make it worse, Hayley is having the baby and the crazy witches expect her to just give the baby up.

What did you think of the episode?

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