The Originals – The Casket Girls

The Originals cast

The Originals Cast

We jumped right back in to the show with a flash back of one of Rebekah’s killing fests as she ate the men and freed the women. It was a statement of feminism from Rebekah that still lives on as a New Orleans tradition called The Casket Girls. On Bourbon street it looks more like another excuse for people to party. Even now Rebekah seems to relish in the legacy she created.

Rebekah and Josh

Rebekah holds Josh

Davina and Cammy are right back to restoring Cammy’s memories. Everything that happened between Klaus and Cammy is rushing back and it took hours, but everything that had been hidden from her is now clear. Coping with what happened to her brother and everyone who knew about the truth other than her is getting to her. When Cammy finally woke in the church, she accused her uncle of keeping the truth of her brother from her.

Keeping with the tone of girls needing to be loyal to one another, Rebekah espouses her frustrations with the boys club who make decisions that affect them. Hayley may have caused Davina to run off with her spouting of the truth of how she’s being used, but she still realizes what position it’s put her in. When Sophie comes to Hayley with a request that could undo the curse on her people, she’s faced with the decision of betraying Elijah or helping the witches.


Davina meets with Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel

The relationship between Davina and Josh gets better every week. It is a platonic relationship, yet you can tell how much one means for the other. Josh will do anything for her even risk his own safety and sacrifice his own life so Davina can get some justice and peace for herself.

As Davina’s power blossoms, it’s clear her anger amplifies her power. When the witches pursuing Davina come after her and attack Cammy, she flexs how truly powerful she is as she cast the women into the air and snapped their necks. The image of the four women dangling for the moment before they hit the ground was almost eerie. Her strength is flaunted again and again as she forced Elijah to show his beast and flung him to the side like a puppet. She made Elijah’s blood bubble up for all the blood he’d drank over the centuries. And when it came to Marcel’s turn, she believed his words of how she is family to him. Until Rebekah stepped in that is.

Rebekah was still on her women empowerment kick and showed Davina how different things could be if everything wasn’t run by the boys. Rebekah acknowledges Davina’s strength and allows her to be surrounded by those she cares about most. But even when the boys are incapacitated, they are still controlling things.

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