The Originals – Long Way Back From Hell

The Originals are not in a good place. Rebekah is being tortured by Genevieve on an abandoned school campus. While Rebekah is having nightmares and hallucinations, Celeste has Klaus unconscious on a slab inside. Elijah is the only one free and he’s going through his own issues as he tries to find his siblings. Celeste had Monique deliver a message to Elijah through a spell. Now Elijah is covered in names of dead witches, which supposedly hold the clue to finding his siblings.



Klaus woke up to Genevieve teasing and torture him. She pities him and how weak he is. Her idea of torture was using Rebekah’s blood to show him her past betrayal. It doesn’t surprise Klaus to see Rebekah and Marcel together. He was finally rattled when he learned that Rebekah had got Genevieve to make contact with their father. Klaus doesn’t want, can’t believe that Rebekah would call their father. Genevieve is feeding Klaus’s rage. She’s hoping to destroy the others by making Klaus lose any faith she had in them. Klaus would kill Rebekah for her betrayal. Unfortunately, he never sees that Rebekah tries to call it off. In a fit of rage, which is very Klaus, he goes to kill Rebekah. Elijah arrives just in time to dagger Klaus before Klaus can get Rebekah.

Elijah is going through a lot. He was forced to make a decision. He chose to save the life of Hayley and the baby, but by doing so he had to let his siblings go. It must hurt to see that Hayley, who Elijah was growing close to, already is showing feelings for the new werewolf. With the help of Marcel, he’s out to follow the breadcrumbs Celeste has left for him to discover. They may be working together, but that doesn’t mean they get along. Elijah is understanding towards werewolves. Marcel wants them dead and isn’t too fond that Elijah saved one. Elijah wants Marcel dead for summoning their father.



Rebekah meanwhile is having serious flashbacks to 1919 and her time working in an infirmary. There she met Genevieve and falsified a friendship to get her to cast a spell. Unfortunately, Rebekah did what she usually does, she cared to much. Rather than using Genevieve, she began to feel a sort of friendship with her. Rebekah’s flashbacks seem to be truly traumatic. The memories are difficult for her. Genevieve of the past was young and fresh. She was full of life and even back then she had a thing for Klaus. When she learned of Rebekah using her, she stood her ground, not that there was anything she could do. Rebekah wanted to call it off, but she couldn’t. Instead Rebekah forced the entire ward into quarantine, effectively killing Genevieve and any patient or nurse in the hospital. It was just Rebekah’s luck to learn that Celeste was also one of those patients.

Celeste is one sick woman. She is cruel and wants revenge on the originals. It seems that time and time again as Celeste reincarnates herself she crosses paths with the unknowing originals and it never ends well. She’s tired of the originals and the vampires of New Orleans ruling the town.

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