Arrow – Broken Dolls

Laurel Lance siccs a tactical team on the Hood

Laurel Lance siccs a tactical team on the Hood

Black Canary to the rescue to save The Hood from Laurel Lance’s tactical team assault. It is great to see Black Canary for the first time on the show, but Oliver isn’t very pleased with another vigilante on the loose. Starling City is Oliver’s to protect and no one else. Black Canary is very capable and it will be interesting to see how the two vigilantes duke out dominance while protecting the city.

We got a good, albeit brief, scene between Roy and Black Canary. Roy was instructed to find out more about Black Canary and he mostly failed. But Black Canary is a bit too skilled to allow an amateur like Roy figure out her secrets. Black Canary didn’t just run off to get away from Roy, she went to help Laurel. My knowledge of the comics leads me to believe that this isn’t just because it was a crime being committed, but because she was going to save her sister. yes, the Dinah Lance that supposedly died on the boat with Oliver is alive. The best part is learning that Black Canary is on the run from R’as Al Ghul. I can’t wait to see more of Black Canary.

The bigger issue in the episode is the escape of Barton Mathis, a sick criminal who kills women only to pose and dress them like dolls. It is positively bizarre and perfect for the show. Mathis’s presence allows lance to come back into the scene after falling to the way side. It was Quentin Lance who put Mathis in prison and he feels responsible for getting Mathis back behind bars. Lance is determined enough to turn to The Hood to get the job done, on the condition that murder is not an answer. Lance is given a chance to shine and show how determined he is. He really wants the world to be a better place, but realizes that sometimes the rules not to be bent to achieve it.

When he is arrested for going against orders and getting involved with the dollmaker’s case, Laurel has to sweep him and pull some strings to get him out. The tension and strain between father and daughter has elevated this season. If not just because of the changes each has made in their personal stance toward the Hood, also because Laurel has lost all faith in her father. interesting enough, now that she is seeing things the way Quentin saw things in Season 1, she isn’t learning from his mistakes. I will admit that her position may give her more leeway. It was nice for Laurel to start to wake up to reality and realize she was simply placing the blame of Tommy’s death on the Hood. I’m not entirely sure this will stop Laurel’s quest to stop the Hood though.

Mathis is the most disturbing criminal Arrow has seen to date. he chooses his victims based on the skin cream they use. He literally wants his victims to have elegant skin. Skin which he then solidifies by using a chemical to harden their insides. He literally makes the women he kills into dolls, propped up by metal.

Felicity gets captured by Barton Mathis

Felicity gets captured by Barton Mathis

This is another big week for Felicity. She jumps from behind her computer to out in the field again. This time, she offers to act as bait for Mathis and goes around the city purchasing the special skin cream Mathis loves. For a minute after her capture, I actually thought she could handle herself as she broke free of Mathis’s grasp. While it didn’t last long, I will enjoy any opportunity to see Felicity outside the safe confines of the compound. While, I will never expect Felicity to be fully proficient, I do hope that she can become more physical at least to the point that she is not a liability.

As for the other plot line in the episode, all I have to say is poor Moira. Thea visits her mother in Prison before her trial. Moira has no delusions that she will be let off easy for her part in the destruction in the glades. However, no one sees Moira’s part in the mass murder calling for the death penalty. At least for Moira, the stakes for the upcoming episodes have been raised tremendously. Moira seems like one of those pivotal characters who’s life in jeopardy will further compel Oliver in his cause. Oliver will want justice on his terms rather than the justice department.

What did you think of the episode?

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