Agents of SHIELD – “…Ye Who Enter Here” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "... Ye Who Enter Here"Skye is having some serious bad feelings about her relation to everything bad that is going on in relation to the obelisk, her father, and who she is. Skye is shaken understandably so. This time when we see Skye panic it feels more impactful than it did last season when we were constantly berated with this rhetoric about how we were supposed to love Skye, when she was no more than just a random character. It was frustrating then, but now it feels earned. The fact that Raina informed her that she could hold the obelisk like Skye could. It through Skye through a loop.

With Skye’s father within Hydra’s clutches SHIELD needs to go in and stop HYDRA before something very bad happens. HYDRA really is pulling out all the stops as they attempted to approach Raina to get her to use the obelisk. In Raina’s attempt to convince Skye that everything wasn’t so crazy. That the obelisk was alien tech, that herself and Skye were special she mentioned the Kree. They have officially gone there. They mentioned the Kree and it is official something that is directly related to the ongoings of Agents of Shield after their tease last season and introduction in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Agents of SHIELD - "... Ye Who Enter Here"It was with Raina’s information that she was finally able to piece together that the SHIELD teams mission to case out the underground city was dangerous. it became clear that the obelisk played a part of it. The fact that she remembered the city shared the same icon as it did on the obelisk was interesting but too late. And let’s be honest, the team onsite was rather bold. They send down the dwarves to case the location, but found that they shut off. They didn’t have much choice but to send someone down. It’s unfortunate that Mack was infected by whatever was down there. Heck, Coulson emptied half a clip in Mack’s back and he didn’t go down. Mack was willed with whatever Kree infection happened that gave him superior strength. It took a lot, but Bobbi was finally able to take down Mack with her batons set on stun. He fell down the hole back to where whatever infected him was. The shocking part was that Coulson ordered for Mack to be sealed back inside.

Billy and Sam were in this episode, for some much needed comic relief. They assisted in getting and keeping Raina in safety. The Koenigs are a bit odd and their whole shtick is a bit eerie. They like joking, but they leave everyone unsettled.

Agents of SHIELD - "... Ye Who Enter Here"After little teases and bits of them talking about things Jemma and Fitz finally got things out the the open. For Jena that was her talking to Tripp and admitting why she had been so avoidant of Fitz. It was a heartbreaking reason. You can see how much she cares about him and how she doesn’t want to leave him on his own. She wants their friendship to be restored, but it’s been so crippled and altered. She’s still dealing with the news that Fitz had feelings for her and it is all on hold. She’s confused. Fitz however has found the limits of his frustration. He is no longer the more capable or her equal. Fitz isn’t even close due to how he now stutters. Fitz decides that he’s going to go off to work in the garage with Mack, the one person who makes him not feel like he’s a shell of his former self.

Ward is also out there making decisions against HYDRA orders. It isn’t very surprising considering his track record. However, that does make you question what exactly he will do next. Frankly, that’s much of Ward’s appeal at the moment.

What did you think of the episode?

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