Agents of SHIELD – “The Things We Bury” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "The Things We Bury"After some time in the background, the obelisk is back front and center. Within the first few minutes we see a lot of new developments. Skye’s father is brought in to HYDRA to help them work on the obelisk (he calls it the diviner). Not only that but even before they called in Skye’s father they found a woman who the obelisk didn’t destroy (played by Whedon favorite Dichen Lachman).

The episode as a whole had a major focus on Whitehall. he is a true Hydra villain who seems to transcend time. Everyone in SHIELD didn’t seem to realize that the Whitehall of old was the same Whitehall that Peggy imprisoned until Jemma made the connection.

Skye’s father also had quite a bit to do in this episode. He presents yet another completely unhinged man. He went to work for Whitehall but mainly to try to get closer to the diviner. Skye’s father then appeared just after Tripp was shot. For a little bit, I thought Tripp was going to die as Skye’s father used Tripp as leverage. Her father wants to see her and he’s more than willing to play with people’s lives. I know that Skye’s father is credited as the Doctor, but I prefer to call it like it is. Besides, eventually we will come to learn his real name. For now, Skye’s father is out to meet his daughter while exacting revenge on Whitehall for killing his wife and her mother.

Agents of SHIELD - "The Things We Bury"We got a few nice flashback scenes with Peggy interviewing Whitehall. it was a basic scene, no real scenery. It was the two characters toying and playing wit each other. there was a lot of animosity and despite their scenes being dark, they were interesting characters. Almost more interesting was how we saw Whitehall rot away in his cell. He aged and grew old until someone broke him out of his prison in 1989. At that point, he was brought back into the hydra fold where he saw the same young woman he’d seen when he was young and could withstand the obelisk now. Where things got weird was with the knowledge that Whitehall had killed the woman for her organs so he could become young. And he had. Whitehall regained his youth and took all of her parts to do it. Yet there she was touching the obelisk.

Agents of SHIELD - "The Things We Bury"Ward finally met up with his brother and forced him to dig up the old family well. It’s a strange thing in a series, but fulfilling, when you want a a villainous character to get their justice. Ward is so incredibly messed up, but there was something slimey about Christian that made me ot like him even more. While Ward was dangerous so was his brother. To the point that while I believe Christian would have said anything to save his life, I don’t think he was actually lying when he confessed to wanting Grant to kill their little brother for being the most loved. There’s something that’s perverse about their relationship and there’s something that is clearly unhinged with Ward. He is so out of it and filled with vengeance that he set up what looked to be a murder suicide of Christian and his parents. Allowing him out in the open to explore that crazy is something that I’m enjoying so far.

What did you think of the episode?

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